How to watermark Photos ?

Watermarks are widely used by photographers to prevent theft of their content online. This article will teach you how to watermark photos and protect them against theft.

What is a Watermark? 

Watermark is a logo, text or signature that is superimposed on an image. Watermark is typically transparent. It acts as a deterrent that prevents people from sharing your photos without consent. The simplest way to add copyright to your photos is to use a watermarking software like Mass Watermark. 

What type of watermark to use?  

You can add text or logo or QR Code as watermark. Be it your name, name of your brand or logo of your brand. You can customize your design, make it transparent or opaque based on your choice   

Text/Logo/QR Code  

You can add your preferred text as your watermark be it your name, your brand name or anything. You can also use your company logo or your preferred logo as watermark. In this way, the user can customize their watermark and make it their identity.  

How to watermark photos with Mass Watermark?  

1.Start by adding the Images you want to watermark.Mass Watermark can search for Valid Images from Folders,Drives,Portable Drives,Cameras.So that you don’t need to search and add Images manually. 

Click on ‘Add Images’ to add Images individually or you can have Mass Watermark add Images from a Folder not Including/including sub folders.This option can be used to automatically find and add valid Images from Portable Drive/Camera. 

2.The added images will appear in the left side panel 

 3.Now you can add a text/image/QR Code watermark  

  • For adding text watermark you can use the Text Watermark Panel  

  • For adding logo watermark you can use the logo watermark panel  



  • For adding QR Code watermark you can add QR Code watermark panel  


The position of the watermark can be easily chosen using the inbuilt watermark placement options   

  • Finally click on the Watermark Images button to start watermarking the images  

Mass Watermark is a powerful tool that can speed up your image processing workflow.

How to watermark Photos using Mass Watermark? See the demo video below

How to Brand Your Photo Collection with your Business Logo Watermark