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Importance of Watermarking Photos – How it prevents theft and acts as advertising

Watermarking is the process of superimposing a logo or piece of text atop a document or image file, which can be used to indicate a document’s state – confidencial, draft, etc. It is a semi-transparent logo or a name of a brand. It helps to inform the people about the author and in some cases […]

Top 5 Best Photo Watermarking Software in 2021

In this digital era, billions of photos are posted online every day to websites,eCommerce portals, blogs, social media, and so on. With the increase in the number of photos, photo theft has also increased. A person may use the image you posted on your website/social media profile as their own and some may even end […]

How to Protect Photos from Theft on Facebook

With the outburst of Social Media websites like Facebook,a large number of Copyrighted Photos are Posted daily on a user’s Facebook Wall.These Photos may be available to the General Public or People in your Friend’s List.Your’s Friends may share this Photo on their wall and their Friends on their Wall, thus your Photos might reach […]

Announcing the Brand New Macintosh Version of Mass Watermark

We are happy to announce the brand new version of Mass Watermark for macOS.The old available version was not a native version and had several issues including Launch Issues,Font selection issues and so on.Based on the user feedback,we have now launched a fully native version for macOS addressing all reported problems. The software features a […]

Announcing the new version of Mass Watermark – Version 1.9

We are happy to announce the release of the new version of Mass Watermark for Windows. Version -1.9 The new update fixes a lot of bugs and adds new features.The most annoying problem users reported was the need of Administrative rights for activation.This issue has been fixed, you no longer need administrative rights for activating […]

Deterring Theft of Publicly Posted Images on the Web

With the invent of high quality mobile phone cameras and easy to use DSLR Cameras most of us has become a photographer.Its also become a trend to post these pics to our Blog,Facebook,Instagram etc.Without any means of protection these images are open to Intellectual Property Theft.Adding a Visible Watermark to your Images is one of […]

Announcing Mass Watermark Version 1.8

We are happy to announce the new version(Version 1.8) of Mass Watermark with major changes in workflow.The resizing and optimization option has been moved to the main window, this allows the user to easily set the output size of the image and optimize the image without the need for navigating to another window.In the old […]

Good Watermarking vs Bad Watermarking that spoils Image Quality

A Logo should represent your company’s identity and what it is all about.It is recommended that a photographer or a business who publishes images online should watermark their photos with their logo.The logo should be placed in such a way that,it does not deter the quality of the images. Bad Watermarking Practice: Any watermark that […]

Visible Watermarking vs Invisible Watermarking- Which is Better?

The main purpose of a watermark is to protect your images against theft and unsolicited use. The Main 2 types of watermarks are ¬† Visible¬† Invisible ¬† As the name suggests,a Visible watermark can be clearly seen on an image while an invisible watermark is encoded within the image data and is not visible on […]