How to add QR Code Watermark to Photos ?

The use of QR Code has become widespread,nowadays you can see them on newspapers,magazines, bills, on walls etc. Almost all Smart Phones today come with a QR Code scanner application which allows you to simply scan the QR Code with your phone camera and get the information encoded within it.QR Code can store information like Website URLs,Phone number and text.If you scan a QR Code containing a web URL , you will be automatically taken to the website by your phone browser.By the end of this article you will learn how to add QR code watermark to photos.

How can using QR Code on photos benefit you as a Photographer?

Whether you are an independent photographer or a photography business, placing your QR Code on your photos is a good idea.The QR Code can contain your name , your business name or your phone number or your website URL. When someone sees your photo,they can scan the QR Code to be directed to your website.You can also insert your phone number inside the QR code,this allows the customer to call you easily as they don’t need to key in your number. The QR code also adds a technical appeal to your photographs.

How to add QR Code watermark to photos?

You can manually add QR Code to your photos by following the two steps below

  1. Generate QR Codes using any free QR Code generator eg: and save the QR Code locally by downloading it.
  2. Using an image editing tool like Microsoft Paint or Photoshop to paste the QR Code to each image one by one. But this can be a huge waste of time as you need to open images one by one and place the QR code manually.

So what is the easiest way to watermark images with QR Code?

The answer is Mass Watermark.The tool has an integrated QR Code designer that allows you to generate customized QR Code.Options like back color,front color,transparency,size etc are easily configurable.

You just need to add the images in bulk to Mass Watermark,create the desired QR Code,select its position and hit the watermark button.All your images will be watermarked with your QR Code. The below image is watermarked using a QR Code linking to this website.Scan the QR Code with your phone to open Mass Watermark’s home page.

The following video demonstrates how you can use Mass Watermark to add QR Code Watermark to your photos in batch.

How to add QR Code Watermark to Photos in Bulk


You can download the software from the link below.