Watermark,Resize,Add EXIF,Optimize Photos in a Single Workflow!

Intelligent,Easy to Use and Powerful Watermark Software

  • Intelligent Watermark Placement

    Intelligent Watermark Placement

    Uses automated watermark size calculation techniques to scale the watermarks to match selected placement.

  • Image Resizing

    Image Resizing

    Set a common size for all output images or set the size of images individually. Easily meet web standards.

  • Inbuilt Watermark Designer

    Inbuilt Watermark Designer

    Design your own stylish watermark with custom text and custom logo and apply to your images with a click. Brand your photos easily.

  • Image Optimization

    Image Optimization

    Improve the quality of your photos before they are watermarked by using various image optimization effects provided. The effects can be applied to your images individually before watermarking.

  • Add EXIF Info

    Add EXIF Info

    Optionally add EXIF Information like copyright, comments, author etc to all watermarked Images.

  • Crop/Rotate/Resize


    Crop out the desired portion from an Image and use it as the watermark. Also allows you to resize and rotate Images.

  • Direct upload to Google Photos

    Direct upload to Google Photos

    Direct connectivity to Google Photos allows you to directly upload watermarked images to your Google Photos web album after watermarking. You can add photos to existing albums or create new album.

  • Direct Upload to Flickr

    Direct Upload to Flickr

    Upload images directly to your Flickr Galleries after watermarking with few clicks. You just need to authorize Mass Watermark once. This allows easy and seamless protection of your Flickr photos.

  • QR Code Watermark

    QR Code Watermark

    Inbuilt QR Code module allows you to generate and add your QR Code as a watermark. The QR Code can contain your name, your business name or your website URL. User will be redirected to your website when they scan the QR Code watermark using their mobile phone.


Speed Up Your Photo Processing Workflow

Photo Watermark Software to Protect,Resize and Optimize Photos Easily

Mass Watermark is Designed to make your Post Processing Workflow Easy and Efficient.The Powerful and Easy to Use User Interface allows you to Quickly Watermark 100s of Photos with Minimal Effort.

  • Watermark 100s of Photos in Less than 1 Minute
  • Resize Images Individually or in Bulk
  • Optionally Add EXIF Data to Your Photos
  • Optimize Your Images by Adjusting Contrast,Brightness etc
  • Improve Image Quality by applying effects like Mean Removal,Sharpening Etc
  • Create Your Own Branding with the Inbuilt Watermark Designer

full overlay watermark software

Overlay your text or logo watermark across images for better protection

  • Left,Right and Straight tiled watermarking modes
  • Tile logo or text across images with few mouse clicks
  • Offers better protection when compared to normal watermarks
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How it works

Mass Watermark is Powerful,Easy to Use and Fast Photo Watermark Software

Intuitive and Powerful UI

The well laid out UI is both Easy to use and Powerful.

Single Quick Workflow

Watermarking,Resizing,Adding EXIF,Optimizing,Upload to Picasa/Flickr is Integrated in a Single Workflow.

Available for Windows and Mac OSX

Mass Watermark is available for both Windows and OSX Operating Systems.

Add EXIF Information to Photos

Optionally add EXIF Data to your Images.

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How to Watermark your Photos and Protect them against Theft

Optimize and Resize Your Images in a Single Workflow


Watermark App for MacOS

We love Mac 🙂 , Native Macintosh Edition Available

  • Native Macintosh Ecosystem
  • Simple,Straightforward and Easy to use Interface
  • Fast Image Processing
  • Drag and Drop Installation

Download macOS Version

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