What is the importance of Watermarking Photos?

Watermarking is the process of superimposing a logo or piece of text atop a document or image file, which can be used to indicate a document’s state – confidencial, draft, etc. It is a semi-transparent logo or a name of a brand. It helps to inform the people about the author and in some cases it certifies the copyright of the author and so plagiarism cannot happen. It is a technology in which identification information is embedded into the data carrier in ways that cannot be easily noticed. It is used to detect copyright breaches of digital content.This article deals with the importance of watermarking photos.

benefits of watermarking

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A watermark serves the purpose of informing a potential violator that you own the copyright to your work and intend to enforce it, which may discourage infringement.

Importance of Watermarking Photos

Watermarking protects digital intellectual property. It helps to prove the origin of an image and discourages unaccredited copies or distribution. Using a watermark will impede anyone from using your image. If you implement them, it will acknowledge your work and photographers can be usually identified using watermarks.

Watermarking can be used as a branding tactic. We can find a lot of professional photographers and social media influencers use watermarks on their photos to ensure their work is well identified and becomes viral, they take pride in their hard work, and do not want their images reproduced or stolen and posted on other websites without their consent. and their brand becomes acknowledged and images get shared around the web. This can be highly beneficial for marketing purposes and it is basically a free advertisement.

There is no harm in adding a few words to the picture which describes it in a better and more meaningful way. You can add the name of the place you visited and date which helps you to cherish the moment which you lived long ago and relive the memory.

How to watermark photos?

It is important to remember that if your watermark is small, and if it is placed in any corner, it will be easy to crop out by any infringer. If you are watermarking a digital image, it is better to place a watermark where it can’t be easily removed. It is a good idea to avoid the use of large watermarks, it can distract the viewer from the main subject of your photo and should not distract the attention from the picture. A monochromatic watermark like black, white, or grey will be good without getting too loud.

While it is impossible to prevent someone from publishing watermarked images on their websites, still having an acceptable watermark containing the name, copyright symbol of the owner can go a long way to intimidate this. Legitimate businesses and cooperation will not steal your images. They will either contact you directly for licensing or purchase it.

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How to add Copyright Symbol and Text Watermark to Multiple Photos