Top 5 Photo Watermarking Software in 2021

In this digital era, billions of photos are posted online every day to websites, eCommerce portals, blogs, social media, and so on. With the increase in the number of photos, photo theft has also increased. A person may use the image you posted on your website/social media profile as their own and some may even end up in printed materials like newspapers, magazines, etc. One of the best and time tested ways to deter this kind of theft is using a watermark.A watermark is no more than a text or image (usually semi-transparent) that is superimposed on the original photo to leave a unique mark of the author and thus prevent third parties from claiming the rights to that photo. There are several Photo Watermarking Softwares available online which can watermark your photo collection. This article briefly compares the Top 5 Photo Watermarking Software in 2021

1.Mass Watermark

Windows Version

macOS Version

Mass Watermark features an intuitive yet simple to use user interface. The user is provided with two panels – one which displays the images added and the other which serves as an instant preview panel. The workflow starts with the user adding images to watermark, followed by the addition of text or image watermark. This process can be achieved with a few mouse clicks. The software is also capable of searching within folders/ external drives/ USB sticks for images. There are preset watermark positions which allow placement of watermark at the desired location, the user can also manually place the watermark. Once a watermark is added, you need to specify the folder to keep the processed images and finally click on the ‘Watermark Images’ button.

The watermarked images will be placed in the selected output directory. The software is powered by ‘Intelligent Watermark Size Calculation‘ algorithm which ensures that the watermark placement and size are unique irrespective of varying image sizes.

The Software features the ability to do much more

  • Adding new EXIF Data to Images/Preserving your existing EXIF Information
  • Resizing Images to a single output size
  • Optimizer module which can be used to adjust Brightness, Contrast and RGB Values of Images individually

image optimizer watermark software

  • Independent watermark designer module which can be used to design your personalized watermark

watermark designer module

  • Watermark Templates which can be reused

Mass Watermark is available for Windows and macOS and is priced at $30 with a 30-day money-back guarantee. There is also a fully functional trial available.


umark watermark software

uMark is another watermarking software. umark also provides batch watermarking functionality. You can add text or image watermark to your collection of images. The ease of use is limited compared to Mass Watermark and the workflow can be confusing for some users. It also lacks the feature set that Mass Watermark provides. An additional feature it offers is watermarking using QR Code. uMark is compatible with Windows, macOS, and iOS. umark has a free trial and the full version is available for $29 with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

3.TSR Watermark Image

tsr watermark image

TSR Watermark Image is another watermark application for those looking to protect their images. The software can place watermarks on large numbers of images at the same time. One of the few drawbacks is that the interface is outdated and less attractive compared to similar applications. You can set options such as transparency, rotation angle, font, color, and size. The positioning is limited to nine preset locations on the image. The application allows you to create default profiles and use them again at a later stage to increase the speed of processing. The pricing varies from $29 to $135.95 based on the version.



star watermark
Star Watermark is another watermarking tool that helps you to place watermarks on images. You can add text and image watermarks.

The free version is limited in terms of features. This application has bulk processing as well. Once you add the pictures and the watermark, you can start processing them. The software features the ability to create multi-layered watermarks.

However, the application doesn’t offer any advanced features. You can use the app in Windows and macOS.The software is priced at $19.

5. Alamoon Watermark

alamoon watermarj

Alamoon Watermark may be a good choice for anyone searching for a simple software to add text watermarks to their photos. The software has a very limited feature set and only supports text watermarks. When high-resolution images are added, during manual placement of text watermark the software lags. The software is available only for Windows and costs $29.It is overpriced when compared to its limited feature set. However, if you want to try this software, a free version with limited features is available.


There is no way to control what happens to the photos that are shared on the Internet. There are plenty of watermark softwares that helps in deterring theft of your photos. Whether it is free or paid, the above applications are sure to help you secure your image collection on the web.This article is just a comparison of  top 5 photo watermarking software in 2021.