How to Protect Photos from Theft on Facebook

With the outburst of Social Media websites like Facebook, a large number of Copyrighted Photos are Posted daily on a user’s Facebook Wall.These Photos may be available to the General Public or People in your Friend’s List.Your’s Friends may share this Photo on their wall and their Friends on their Wall, thus your Photos might reach higher number of viewers and people not even in your Friend’s List may view your Images.This can be prevented using Facebook’s privacy we can take a look at how to protect photos from theft on Facebook

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You can prevent unknown user’s from viewing your photos on Facebook by setting the privacy setting for your photo album.Follow the steps below to set the privacy setting for your images.

  1. Log in to your Facebook account, and click on your Profile button .
  2. Click on Photos>Albums
  3. Click on the Album for which you need to change the privacy settings
  4. Click on ‘…’ button and select Edit Album
  5. Click Friends  and Select Save

For more information refer to the official Facebook article

Some People may not know your Photos are Copyrighted and they may use it as their Facebook Profile Picture,On their Wall or On their Website or To sell a Product via Printed Materials.You are losing credit for your work here and some may even intentionally copy your photos without giving any acknowledgement.

So How will you Prevent Theft of Photos Posted on Facebook?

The best way to prevent people from stealing your photos is by putting a watermark on your Photos.The watermark can be a Text/Logo stating your name,or your Firm’s Name.The Watermark will ensure that the people notice who owns the Copyright of the image and it also serves as a means of increasing your Popularity.Also Photo thieves will not be interested in stealing watermarked Photos.

This is where Mass Watermark comes in,Mass Watermark makes it ever simple to watermark your Photos, it can process 100s of your Photos within minutes all you need to do  is Add Your Images,Type in your Text Watermark or Add your Logo or You may even create your Custom Branding/Logo with the inbuilt Watermark Designer ,Choose the Placement of the Watermark from inbuilt placement options(or manually place the watermark) and Click on the Watermark Button. Done! Your Watermark will be applied to all your Photos with few mouse clicks.Mass Watermarks’s intelligent Watermark Placement Techniques will ensure proper text or logo scaling for images of varying sizes.

You could also make use of the additional features like Batch Resizing,EXIF Data Addition, Optimisation , Direct Upload to Flickr/Picasa which are integrated into a simple workflow that saves you tons of Time.

After watermarking your photos, you can upload these to your Facebook Profile safely, you could also make use of the resizing feature of Mass Watermark to set an output size for all your Watermarked Photos.

Take a look at the demo video

How to add Copyright Symbol and Text Watermark to Multiple Photos


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