Deterring Theft of Publicly Posted Images on the Web

With the invent of high quality mobile phone cameras and easy to use DSLR Cameras most of us has become a photographer.Its also become a trend to post these pics to our Blog,Facebook,Instagram etc.Without any means of protection these images are open to Intellectual Property Theft.Adding a Visible Watermark to your Images is one of the best and time tested way to deter image theft.

Before discussing how the watermark prevent image theft,lets see how the possible infringer comes across  your images.Google,Bing,Yahoo and most of the Major search engines provides an option called Image Search which can be used to search for images on the web.The search engine spider navigates the web and lists the images under the corresponding keywords based on its inbuilt algorithm.Assume that you have taken a photograph of sunset and posted it to the web.Now when someone searches using the keyword “Beautiful Sunset”,on the Image search he/she may come across the your image the search engine has listed.The person can now navigate to the image source ie: Your Blog or Website.Now the image can be easily lifted and claimed as their own and used for any purpose he/she intents to.


Now,how does a watermark deter image theft?

When a Visible Watermark is placed on top of your image(the watermark can be your name,your company or website name or logo),The person who comes across the image on image search engine notices this and he will be aware of the legal implications of using these images without the owners consent.The person will think twice before lifting your image off and using it for their purpose.About 98% of Image Theft can be deterred by using a Visible Watermark.

But how to Watermark my Images,I have tons of them?

Watermarking images one by one can be a very tedious task,this is where Mass Watermark can help you.The software is designed to watermark and protect 100s of images with a text or logo watermark in less than a minute.Take a look at the demo video below