Announcing Mass Watermark Version 1.8

We are happy to announce the new version(Version 1.8) of Mass Watermark with major changes in workflow.The resizing and optimization option has been moved to the main window, this allows the user to easily set the output size of the image and optimize the image without the need for navigating to another window.In the old versions the user had to add images to a list and navigate to another window for image resizing and optimization,this seemed a little confusing so the workflow has been changed to an easier one.Version 1.8 also features an improved user interface that has a larger window, improved button organization and window color tone.

EXIF Information preservation option has been implemented in version 1.8,this allows the user to keep the original EXIF Tags like Camera Make,Model,Copyright,Date and Time etc in the processed images.The older versions did not preserve EXIF Tags in the processed images.

A bug which prevented large resolution image upload to Flickr has also been fixed.

Please find the complete changelog here

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you encounter any problems with the new version, we are happy to help ?