Announcing the new version of Mass Watermark – Version 1.9

We are happy to announce the release of the new version of Mass Watermark for Windows. Version -1.9

The new update fixes a lot of bugs and adds new features.The most annoying problem users reported was the need of Administrative rights for activation.This issue has been fixed, you no longer need administrative rights for activating the software.

Version 1.8 also had screen cutting issues when used on monitors with smaller screens.This also has been rectified,this was pointed out by Thomas Boldt in his article on softwarehow 

The next major update is with how the Automated Watermark Scaling is done.The old algorithm has been completely modified and a proper reference image is used for scaling the text or logo watermark.The reference image is the current preview image,This ensures that you get what you see in the output images.

This update also fixes issues with Watermark Designer,EXIF Orientation Tag and also includes other minor bug fixes.

Download and give it a try Today 🙂