Good Watermarking vs Bad Watermarking that spoils Image Quality

A Logo should represent your company’s identity and what it is all about.It is recommended that a photographer or a business who publishes images online should watermark their photos with their logo.The logo should be placed in such a way that,it does not deter the quality of the images.

Bad Watermarking Practice:

Any watermark that significantly covers the important portion of an image is considered as a bad watermark.Even though this type of watermark offers better protection against theft,image quality is spoiled by the watermark that covers the main subject of the image.

bad watermark example that deters photo quality

Example Image that shows a Bad Watermark that Spoils Image Content












Good Watermarking Practice 

The following image has the watermark placed at the bottom right corner,this does not obstruct the view of the main subject in the image.It is always good to use a Translucent watermark compared to an opaque watermark; it should be placed in such a way that it does not interfere with the view of the image,but it should be placed possibly closer to the main subject in the image,so that it is hard for a person to clone the image.

good watermark example

The Watermark is placed at the bottom right and does not spoil image quality

How can you watermark 100s of Photos with your Logo in 1 Run ?

Its very hard to individually watermark photos with your logo one by one.Even though basic image editing tools like MS Paint can be used for this purpose,the software does not offer features like Transparency and Bulk Processing.You will have to manually place the watermark individually in every single image,this process can be tedious and time consuming.This is where Mass Watermark can help you,the software is designed to process 100s of Images in one workflow. You can add your text or logo watermark with the opacity you specify,the inbuilt watermark placements makes it very easy to place the watermark at the desired position.

Take a look at the video below

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