Visible Watermarking vs Invisible Watermarking- Which is Better?

The main purpose of a watermark is to protect your images against theft and unsolicited use. The Main 2 types of watermarks are  

  • Visible 
  • Invisible  

As the name suggests,a Visible watermark can be clearly seen on an image while an invisible watermark is encoded within the image data and is not visible on the image.

Visible Watermark Example

Example Visible Watermark

The purpose of using an Invisible watermark is not to prevent theft but mainly to identify or find where your image is used without consent. The Invisible watermark software can search the web and find some of the sites where your images are used without your permission. As stated earlier this is not a precautionary measure ,this is the step to be taken after theft has taken place. 

The visible watermark has clear advantages, 

  • First of all, the watermark is clearly visible on your photo, people who intent to use your image after finding it on image search engines like Google Image search will think twice before lifting it illegally.  
  • In addition to stating your intellectual property rights and copyright, the watermark can promote your Photography, Website or Business as people who view the image knows whom to contact or from where the product featured in the image comes from. 

Thus, the visible watermark is the best time-tested way to deter photo theft. The process of applying watermark to 100s of images can turn out to be quite tedious, this is where Mass Watermark helps you. The program is designed to process 100s of photos in Bulk. The inbuilt watermark placements make it very easy to place your watermark. Take a look at the Demo Video Below 


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