Watermarking Photos On Your Macbook

Watermarking Photos On Your Macbook: A Step-By-Step Guide

‍Are you a Macbook user looking for a simple way to protect your photos from unauthorized use? Watermarking is an effective way to do that. Watermarking adds a unique identifying mark, typically a logo or text, to an image that helps you track its usage and protect your copyright.

do not copy watermark macOS

This step-by-step guide will show you how to watermark photos on your Macbook, giving you an easy and secure way to protect your photos. You’ll learn how to customize a watermark, use batch processing to quickly watermark multiple images, and more. With these easy steps, you’ll be able to watermark your photos quickly and easily, keeping them safe from unauthorized use.

What is Watermarking?

A watermark is an identifying mark that is applied to an image or photo. Sometimes the watermark is a logo or brand name, while other times it is simply a unique identifier, such as a sequence of letters and numbers. The purpose of a watermark is to help track the image’s use, protect the copyrights of the person who took the photo, and ensure proper attribution. Some examples of watermarks include the photographer’s name, a copyright symbol, a website URL, and a unique identifier. There are a couple of ways to watermark images. You can manually add the watermark to each image you want to protect. However, this process is extremely time-consuming if you have a large collection of photos. A more efficient way to watermark images is to use a photo watermark software like Mass Watermark to apply the watermark to your images in bulk.

Why Watermark Your Photos?

The most obvious reason to watermark your photos is to protect your photos from unauthorized use. When you watermark your images, you’re making it clear that you own the rights to the photos and that they can’t be reproduced without your permission. This is especially important in the internet age when many images are shared without any attribution at all. Watermarking your photos can also help you track the photos’ usage. This can help you identify websites that are stealing your photos and find ways to contact them and get the images removed.

Watermarking Photos individually vs Watermarking Photos in Bulk 

If you have few images to watermark and do it less often, then you can use the inbuilt Preview App in macOS to watermark your photos.

To do this, Open the image you want to watermark using Preview. Use the below option to add a text watermark. Choose the font, size, colour, and alignment you want your watermark to have.

watermarkinh photos on MacBook using Preview
Photo by Pixabay

The above method is cumbersome if you have a large number of photos to watermark also there is no way to adjust the transparency of the text. This is where you can rely on a photo watermarking app for macOS like Mass Watermark for watermarking photos on your macbook.It allows you to batch watermark your photos quickly and easily. There are inbuilt watermark placements, lots of fonts and you can adjust the transparency of watermarks easly. 

How to batch Watermark Photos on Your Macbook?

If you have a large collection of photos and want to watermark them all, this is a great opportunity to use batch processing to speed up the process. Batch processing allows you to select multiple images at once and process them as a group, which is helpful when you have a lot of images to watermark. Follow the steps below to watermark photos on your Macbook. First, open Mass Watermark on your Macbook that you want to use to watermark your photos.

photo watermark software macOS

Start by adding the photos you wish to watermark. You can add photos individually or in bulk from a folder/device. If you want to add a text watermark – in the text watermark panel, type in your desired watermark text and select the font, font size, colour, and alignment.

text watermark panel macOS
Text watermark Panel

The text watermark can include any information you want, such as a website URL, your name, or a copyright symbol. You can also adjust the opacity to make the watermark slightly less visible to create a subtle effect. Your watermark will look best when it’s large enough to be easily read, but not so large that it takes over the image. The instant preview of the watermark can be seen in the top right preview window.

You can also use a logo/image as the watermark by selecting your desired image/logo in the image watermark panel.

image watermark panel macos
Image watermark Panel

Once you are all set- select the output directory of your choice and click on the watermark images button.

Have a look at the demo video below to see the software in action

How to Watermark Photo Collection on macOS

Tips for Watermarking Photos on Your Macbook

To make sure that your watermark is visible, but doesn’t take away from the photo’s beauty, try to keep it small. A general rule of thumb is that the watermark should be no larger than 25% of the image’s overall size. You can also try reducing the opacity of the watermark so that it’s more subtle. If you’re watermarking images for a blog post or social media platform, check with the site to see if they have any rules or requirements for photo watermarks.

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