How to Watermark Photos?

Today with DSLRs the effort to take professional level photos has been reduced to a great extent.The web makes it very easy to Share your Creative work with a large audience.With increase in popularity of your photos,there comes the risk of content theft/image theft.People may grab photos which you might have posted on your Website/Blog/Google Photos/Flickr and claim it as their own.Your Photos might get used on other people’s Blog,Websites,For promoting products or even on printed magazines.There have been cases where people have sued magazines for using their photos without their permission.So before putting your Photos on the web,you should take some steps to protect your work.

So, how can you Protect your Images against Theft?

Watermarking is one of the best ways to Deter Image Theft.You can add your Name with a Copyright Symbol and Year or You can add your Business/Photography Logo.A watermark ensures that the ownership of the image is stated explicitly when someone sees your work on Google or Bing Image Search.Thus people or companies will know that you own the image and permission need to been taken from the owner to use the image.You can also put your Website URL on the Image as the watermark,doing so helps the interested parties in contacting you directly.

How can you watermark Photos in Bulk Easily?

A Simple Text can be added to your Images using Image Editing Tools like MSPaint,but there will be no options like transparency and you will need to place the watermark manually.If there are large number of images to watermark,watermarking images using image editors one by one will be a time consuming tedious task.This is where Mass Watermark can Help you.Mass Watermark can

  • Add Transparent Text Watermark
  • Add Transparent Logo Watermark
  • Create your own Branding with Watermark Designer
  • Apply the Watermark to 100s of Photos with few Clicks in less than a minute













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