Resizing,Cropping and Rotating Image Watermark

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Resizing,Cropping and Rotating Image Watermark

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Resizing,Cropping and Rotating the Image to be used as Watermark

Mass Watermark has an inbuilt Image editing tool that can be used to edit the watermark images before they are applied to Images.To use this feature click on the 'Resize/Crop' Button'


You will be greeted with the following window


Here you can crop out an area of Image to be used as Watermark.By clicking on and drawing Rectangle over the Image and Clicking on the 'Crop Image' Button.In this way you can cut out and use portions of larger images as watermarks on other images.

You can also resize the Images by entering the Size in the Width and Height Text Box and clicking on the 'Resize Image' Button.You can also resize the image by % of the original seen in the current display.

Image can also be Rotated Clockwise or Anticlockwise.

Once you are done,you can save this image for future use by clicking on the 'Save Image' Button or use it directly without saving by clicking on the 'Use as Watermark' Button.