Using Watermark Designer to create Watermark

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Using Watermark Designer to create Watermark

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Mass Watermark has inbuilt Watermark Designer to Easily create Professional Watermark Logos with or without transparent background.In this way Webmasters,Bloggers,Photographers and Designers can easily create your own watermark with the desired caption from your existing image.


To use Watermark Designer Click on the 'Open Watermark Designer' Button




You will be provided with a With a Window Asking to select the Size of the Template ie:Space Required for the Watermark

Select from predefined Sizes or Set the Desired Size.If you want a Different Background Color then uncheck the Box 'Use Transparent Background and click on the Change Button to Specify the Desired Color and click on the 'Proceed' Button.





After clicking the Proceed Button you will be Greeted with the Watermark Designer Window





Watermark Designer allows you to create branding for your firm,website or any form of business easily.

Just add the Desired Text.configure its Font,Size or Use Additional Effects.


Add your Logo/Image using  the 'Open' button.Resize,crop or Rotate the Logo.

Use your Mouse Pointer to drag the Text/Image Watermark at the desired Position.

When you are Done,Save your Branding using the Save button for future use or you can use this Design

directly without saving by clicking 'Use as Watermark' Button.