Registration and Activation

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Registration and Activation

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Once you have successfully completed the ordering procedure you will be provided with a unique activation key.

You can use this key to activate and use Mass Watermark on a single Computer owned by you.


The activation key is a one time use key.After a successful activation the key will expire and you will no longer be able to use this key for activation again.In case of events like system crash or System Format please feel free to contact support or via mail with your ordering details.You will be provided with a new

activation key within 48 Hours.


A copy of Mass Watermark is licensed to be used on a single computer.For licensing Mass Watermark for medium or large business organizations please contact the support service at or via mail



How to Activate Mass Watermark


1.Click on Help>Activate Mass Watermark


2.You will be Provided with a Window asking you to enter the your Name,email used for Registration and the Activation Key Issued to you through your e-mail





3.Note that you will Require an active Internet connection in order to activate the product.After Entering the Name and the Activation Key

    Click on the Activate Button to Activate the Product.


4.If the Activation is successful you will be greeted with a With the Window Displayed Below



                      confirmation dialog


5.If you experience any problem trying to activate the product even after entering a Valid Activation key and a working Internet Connection.Please Contact the support at or