Optimizing and Resizing Images

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Optimizing and Resizing Images

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Mass Watermark can automatically Optimize and(or) resize the Images selectively.

This is a setting that needs pre-configuration before you click on the 'Watermark Images' Button

To use this feature Click on the 'Optimizing and Resizing' Button after adding the Images to be Watermarked




You will be provided with the following window





On the left hand side there will be the complete list of images that you have added.Select the images.

You need to add the images to be Resized or Optimized to the list on the right hand side.

Select the Image individually or use CTRL key to select multiple images and click on the 'Add Selected Image'

Button.The Added Images will appear on the right hand side List.Once you are Done click on the 'Proceed' Button.




The 'Image Optimization and Resizing' Window can be used to browse through the Images that you have added earlier and Apply Optimizations and Resizing on them individually.You can Boost the Brightness and Contrast of the Images and Apply Optimizations like Sharpening,Blurring,Smoothing and Mean Removal to the Images individually.


These effects are different for different images ie: when you sharpen  an Image this apply only to the current Image Visible in the Left hand side preview Pane.When you Browse to the next image using the Shifting controls you will be able to Set the Optimizations specific for this Image.





To apply effect Press the Plus button Next to the Effect eg:Using sharpening effect once will set the Sharpen rate to 1X you can further apply this effect to increase the rate to 2x and so on.




You can also change the RGB Values to boost the Color Tone.Enter a Value Less than 100 into the RGB Text Boxes and click on 'Set RGB' Button




Resizing Images Invidually/using a Common size for all Images


You can use the Resizing controls to set a required output size of the Images watermarked Images.

This resizing will be applicable only to the Images added to the List in the earlier step


You can select from the standard sizes or Enter the size of your own


resize panel


There are two Resizing options


1)Individually set the Size of Each Image


As optimizing Resizing can be applied to different images differently you can Browse through each image>Select a Size and click on the 'Set Resizing' Button.In this way you can control the image sizes individually.

When you use this feature a small notice will be shown below the the image preview panel regarding the image size of the current Image.


notice rz


If you do not want to resize this Image/Change the size then Click on the  'Do not Resize this Image'  Button and make changes if any.



2)Set a common Size for all Added Images

You set a common Resize size for the Added Images to use this feature Check the Checkbox 'Resize all Added images in this list to this Size' >Choose a Size>Click on 'Set Resizing' Button.Then the control will change to




This shows that all Images will be Resized to the Size 1024X600



Note:Using Optimizing and Resizing Together


The Resizing procedure is performed after Optimizing and Watermarking so Image optimized will be Resized after applying the Optimization and Watermarking.This ensures easy use of  Both of these features together