Adding Text Watermark

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Adding Text Watermark

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Mass Watermark allows you to add Text Watermarks easily with few clicks.A Text Watermark can be the name of the Person/ Company/Website owning the Photograph.Simply enter the watermark Text into the space provided


The Text watermark will be displayed in real time in the right side Preview window as you type in the text.



You can change the Text Watermark Opacity,Font,Size and Color using this Panel.


There are Also additional Options like Text Effects,Text Rotation and Line Watermarking feature,these will be discussed later.After you have entered the Text Watermark you can change the its placement.For that click on the 'Choose the Placement' Tab


Click on the desired Text Watermark Placement the placement options include Top Left,Top Middle,Top Right etc.

You can also Place the watermark inverted on the sides of your pictures using the Left or Right Side Placement Options.Mass Watermark will automatically re-size the Text to fit the desired placement for images for varying sizes.

Watermark can be placed at the desired custom location using the Manual Placement Option ,it can be invoked through the Button or clicking on the Image preview Window.


Click and Drag the Text Watermark to the desired Position.

The Font of the Text Watermark can be changed and the Text Watermark cane be rotated using the Controls in the Right Hand side panel.Once you are completed.Click on the 'Done' Button.

The Watermark will appear at its new position in the Main window and its Position will be automatically configured to meet the required placement for Images of various sizes,so that the watermark appear in the location that you wanted it to be.

Additional Text Watermark Options

There are several other additional options for Text Watermark.These Include

1)Text Watermark Rotation:

You can rotate the Text Watermark at the desired angle between 0-360 degrees using the 'Rotate' button provided in the Text Panel.On clicking the rotate button you will be provided with a Knob for adjusting the angle of the Text.This option is only available for centrally placed Text Watermarks.For Images of varying sizes the Watermark will be Resized to meet the desired placement.


Following Image is the sample of how a Rotated Text watermark will look like



2)Line Watermarking feature:

For providing maximum protection for your images Mass Watermark provides you with a feature called Line Watermarking.


Using the Check box above the Line Watermark can be used in Mass Watermark.The Lines will be rendered automatically according to the Text Watermark Size.This Option is only available in case of centrally placed watermarks.

Following Image is the sample of how a Line Watermarking will look like


Mass Watermark provides you with the ability to customize the Line Watermark style in the way you want.You can change the Line Style (which include Solid,Dash,Dot,Dash-Dot),Line Color,Line thickness and Line Opacity.This features can used through the following window shown upon clicking the 'Style' Button


3)Stylish Text Effects

Apart from the Standard Text Watermarking,Mass watermark allows you to customize the style of the watermarks to meet the color schemes of your images.There are Mainly there Different Text Styles they can be accessed using the 'Text Effects' Tab of the Text Watermark Panel


In this way you are free to create the Customized Text Watermarks of your choice.This option can be used with Line Watermarking feature for better effects.

Following are some of the sample Text Watermark Styles that you can create with Mass Watermark


b           c


After you have added a desired Text Watermark to your Images Choose the Output Image Format(the default format is JPG) and Output quality optionally.Set the output directory to place the watermarked images then click on the 'Watermark Images' button.