Step1-Adding Images to Watermark

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Step1-Adding Images to Watermark

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Start by adding the Images you want to watermark.Mass Watermark can search for Valid Images

from Folders,Drives,Portable Drives,Cameras.So that you don't need to search and add Images manually.


Click on 'Add Images' to add Images individually or you can have Mass Watermark add Images from a Folder not Including/including sub folders.This option can be used to automatically find and add valid Images from Portable Drive/Camera.




Once the Images are added you can choose to Display them as Thumbnails or FileList.The default mode is Thumbnail mode.You can click on these Images to get the Instant preview of how the watermark will appear on each images.




The images are Intelligently cached so that your system memory is not wasted and there is no delay in displaying these Images.