Adding Image/Logo Watermark

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Adding Image/Logo Watermark

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You can easily add a Image Watermark using Mass Watermark to your Images.This option can be accessed from the Image/Logo Panel ie:second panel

Click on 'Open' Button to add the desired Logo or Image


This is a Sample Image watermarked with Text and Logo Watermarks


After opening a Logo you can change its placement using the 'Choose the Placement' Tab


The same placement Options for Text Watermark is available for Image Watermarks.You can choose the desired placement.In the case of 'Left Side', 'Right Side' n.and similar.The Image will be automatically be rotated to meet the placement you have chosen.

You can also manually place the Watermark at the desired position for that click on the 'Manually Place Watermark' Button and you will be greeted with the following window


Click on the Logo or Text.The object which you have selected will be highlighted by a red box,then click and drag the Logo or Text to the desired position.You can also Re-size and Rotate the Logo using the Options provided on the right hand side.

The Font of the Text Watermark can be changed and the Text Watermark can be rotated using the Controls in the Right Hand side panel.Once you are completed.Click on the 'Done' Button.

The Main Window will be visible again with the newly placed watermarks.

The Watermarks placed using the Manual placement option will be automatically be repositioned for Images of varying sizes so that the watermark does not go out of an Image in case of smaller or larger images.This feature ensures the desired placement of your watermarks when processing large number of images together.

Using the Image attached to Text Feature

This feature has been included in Mass Watermark with the view of simplifying the Branding process.Usually watermarks include a Logo and a Text eg:Website Logo and Website Name.By using this feature you cam easily place the Logo and Text together with few clicks without doing it manually.To use this feature follow the steps below

1)Add a Text Watermark

2)Add a Image Watermark

3)Check the 'Use Logo attached to Text' Check box and choose the desired position of the logo with respect  to the Text


The following is an example of an image watermarked using this feature


For more Advanced Creation of Branding Watermarks use the inbuilt Watermark Designer Tool.tTo learn more about creating a personalized watermark using Watermark designer see the following section Using Watermark Designer


Image Watermark Rotation:

You can rotate the Image Watermark at the desired angle between 0-360 degrees using the 'Rotate' button provided in the Image Panel.On clicking the rotate button you will be provided with a Knob for adjusting the angle of the Text.This option is only available for centrally placed Image Watermarks.


The Image below is an Example of using Rotated Text Watermarks



Resizing,Cropping and Rotating the Image to be used as Watermark

Mass Watermark has an inbuilt Image editing tool that can be used to edit the watermark images before they are applied to Images.To use this feature click on the 'Resize/Crop' Button'


You will be greeted with the following window


Here you can crop out an area of Image to be used as Watermark.By clicking on and drawing Rectangle over the Image and Clicking on the 'Crop Image' Button.In this way you can cut out and use portions of larger images as watermarks on other images.

You can also resize the Images by entering the Size in the Width and Height Text Box and clicking on the 'Resize Image' Button.You can also resize the image by % of the original seen in the current display.

Image can also be Rotated Clockwise or Anticlockwise.

Once you are done,you can save this image for future use by clicking on the 'Save Image' Button or use it directly without saving by clicking on the 'Use as Watermark' Button