19 November 2012
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What is a Watermark

A watermark a Translucent Line of Text or Image that is overlaid on top of Photos to prevent unauthorized copying and also for Identifying the owner  of the photograph.

Usually watermark is a Text which represents the name of the author/ company that owns the photograph along with a copyright symbol.

The following is a sample Image which is watermarked by using a Text Watermark – the name of the owner along with the copyright symbol  and year is used (© John Doe 2012).

watermarked photo


Why are watermarks used?

Photographs posted online can be put to unauthorized use thus violating the copyright of the person or firm owning the photograph. A watermark prevents unauthorized use of  your image by displaying that you own the copyright of the image. This will ensure that the Image produced by your Photography Firm or Website is secure.

If you are planning to Freely Distribute the Images then the watermark will serve the purpose of increasing your popularity, since every person interested on your Photo will see your watermark and visit your website for more images.This results in better traffic and more revenue. 

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