19 November 2012
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Importance of watermarking Photos

With the increasing influence of social media and photo sharing websites like Picasa/Flickr Posting images online has become a habit for most of us. These images posted online can be misused without your permission, people may copy your photos and use them claiming as their own on their websites or commercial endeavors. We have observed many photographers complaining about the same in blogs and forums.

Digital photography protection in the online world is a tough task to achieve the best and time tested way of protecting your images is by using a visible watermark. A visible watermark is translucent Text/Logo that represents your copyright that is overlayed on top of the image to be protected, this ensures that your copyright is expressed.

Below is a sample image that has been watermarked by using a text watermark with the year and name of the person holding the copyright


A watermark not only serves to protect your image but also it’s a means for increasing your online popularity as people will come to know about you from your photos.

Watermarking images can be a tough task by using common image editing software’s like Photoshop, there are tools like Mass Watermark that are specifically crafted for this purpose. Mass Watermark has been designed for speed, simplicity and perfection. You can process 100s of images with a text/logo watermark with few mouse clicks and within minutes, thus preventing a break or lag in your workflow.


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