19 November 2012
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How to Watermark Photos?

Watermarking Photos individually using Editing Tools will be very tiresome and it will prove to be a waste of your Time. Being Professionals Photographers, Bloggers or web Designers or  a common person who needs perfect results quickly then Mass Watermark is the right Option for you. 


What is Batch Photo Watermarking?

Batch watermarking  involves processing a set/Collection of Photos at a time without selecting and watermarking Images  individually. Mass Watermark is a Batch Image watermark software that is designed to Batch watermark hundreds of Images from a Folder/External Drive/Camera.Unlike other Batch Watermarking software's Mass Watermark has advanced Intelligent Watermark placement techniques which auto scales the watermark text to fit the desired position for images of varying sizes

Steps/Instructions for Watermarking Photos:

Following is a Watermarking tutorial for Batch Watermarking a Collection of Images using Mass Watermark

1.Start by adding the Images using the following Buttons


2.Added Images will appear in the Added Images Panel


3.Add Text/Logo Watermark and Click on Watermark Button

4.All Images will be watermarked in Batch

For more information see the Complete Help Documentation or see the Video Tutorials


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