11 May 2015
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How to Watermark a Folder of Photos including Sub-Folders

A professional photographer or a person who has a photo collection will have their images spread in different folders on their computer.

photos distributed in folders

A watermark has become a necessity today to prevent theft and misutilization of pictures. Applying your watermark to photos distributed in these folders will be a hard task to do individually. Mass Watermark can make this task simpler for you with the ability to search and add all images within a folder or nested subfolders automatically. Following are the steps to apply your watermark to a Folder of Photos


1.Click on the Add Images from Folder/Device button

watermarking folder of pictures



2. You will be prompted with a selection window to choose whether to add images in a folder only or to include images within the subfolders too.Mass Watermark will automatically search and add Images within the folder and sub-folders ,if you choose Yes.


3.On clicking the ‘Yes’ Button, you will be provided with a folder selection window to select the required folder.


4.On selecting the folder all images within that folder and its subfolders will be added to Mass Watermark.Type in the required Watermark or Add a Logo Watermark,select the output location to place the watermarked photos and  Click on the ‘Watermark Images’ button.Done, All your images will be watermarked.


For more details on applying the watermark,take a look at this video



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