15 November 2017
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Visible Watermarking vs Invisible Watermarking

Photos Posted Online without any means of protection are subject of intellectual property theft and is used without your permission.The best and easy way to protect your Images Posted Online is using a Watermark.

You might have heard of a number of Watermarking Solutions,all these solutions can be classified under the following categories

  • Visible Watermarking
  • Invisible Watermarking

Visible Watermark:

As the name suggests,a visible watermark is clearly visible on your Images.It can be your name,name of your website/business,your logo etc.

Invisible Watermark:

Invisible watermark is not visually seen on the images,it is coded into the image data.The main intention of using this type of watermark is to detect theft,not to prevent it.

So which is Better? Visible Watermarking or Invisible Watermarking?

A visible watermark is seen clearly on your images when it appears on your website or image search engines like Google/Bing.A person with the intention to steal your image will think twice before using an image with a visible copyright watermark.On the other hand, an Invisible watermark does not deter theft in anyway.There are some solutions that offer you to detect where your images are used without your permission.But this is not a preventive measure,its only a means to find who is using your image.

The visible watermark can effectively deter theft and also helps improving the popularity of your website or business when they appear on Image Search Engines like Google.

So to summarize Visible Watermarking is better than Invisible Watermarking Solutions.

Mass Watermark is a Visible Watermarking Software that can process 100s of Images within Minutes.Take a look at the demo Video Below.


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