9 May 2013
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Preventing Theft of Photos Posted on EBay

EBay is a popular online Buy and Sell Portal which is used by thousands of people globally eveyday.Posting copyrighted images on EBay without any sorts of protection has paved way for Image theft.People may just copy paste your image to their website or use them to sell their products or services on their own E-bay store/Websites.A large number of people are affected by this and there are thousands of copyright complains to E-bay.

ebay image photo theft protection

So you might be thinking How can i protect my Images Posted on EBay?

The Best way is to prevent theft from happening rather than filing a copyright Notice.The Best and Time Tested way to protect digital images is by using Visible Watermark.A watermark acts a deterrent and protection measure against Image Thefts and it also serves as a means of increasing your popularity,By watermarking your photos with your logo or Name, people will get to know who is the owner of the photograph.

So how will you watermark photos? You can do that with any Image Editor like MS Paint ,but its a tough job to watermark each and every image one by one and it will take lots of time.This is where the all in one solution Mass Watermark comes in,it can batch watermark 100s of images within minutes and intelligently ,you just need to add images,add the text or image watermark ,click on the watermark button.Plus you can Resize your Photos simultaniously using the resizing feature.

To get a better idea and see how simple it is to use Mass Watermark see this Video 





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