28 October 2013
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Preparing Photos for Web Publishing

As a small business owner or a photographer you will have a number of images to post online everyday.  

                                    preparing images for web publishing

Proper steps needs to be taken in order to prevent photographic theft and to ensure proper navigation to your website.
This article discusses the need for preparing your photos appropriately before you upload them.Image preparation for the web involves two steps  
You should resize the photos which you post online to your website because large sized photos,makes the webpage take lots of time to load.if a user is unable to use your website within a certain time period he/she will decide not to visit your website.So in order to get proper traffic to your website always resize large resolution photos before you post it.
Photos posted online publicly without any sort of protection is always open to theft. Photos Posted on your website or any business page may be copied and used without your knowledge on another person's website, Facebook profile or even printed materials for selling commercial products. 
so in order to make people understand that you own the copyright of the photos you can make it a habit to watermark photos . The watermark can deter 99% of theft and it also serves as a means of increasing your online popularity.
With a large number of photos it can be tiresome  to watermark and resize them individually.There are free and easily Available tools like MS paint for Windows that can be used to add text and resize photos.But the problem is that  it is Does not have all the features like text transparency and the user has  to process each image individually,this will take a lot of time and will affect your productivity.  
Mass watermark is a tool that is specifically designed for this purpose it can simultaneously watermark and resize hundreds of photos in minutes. if you don't have a branding watermark,Mass Watermark  has an inbuilt watermark designer that can be used to create personalized branding and you can use it as a  watermark on your photos. 
The process of  watermarking is quite simple.Just add your text or logo watermark, set the resizing if you require and click on the 'watermark images' button.You can see that the photos are watermarked and resized quickly.The images are ready for the web and can be directly uploaded without further processing. 

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