10 January 2014
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How to Make Watermark for Photos

Today it has become necessary to add watermark to your photos before uploading them online. Making a watermark and applying them to large number of images can be tiresome and time-consuming.

With Mass Watermark you can create your own personal branding watermark for your firm/website.You may use a simple text/Logo watermark and apply it to a set of images within minutes. The processes like resizing,adding exif, optimization etc are integrated into the workflow,so that you may optionally use these features to avoid further processing and delay. 
Adding a text or logo watermark to your images is very fast and easy.See the video below So that you will get the basic idea regarding how it is done

If you want to design your own personal branding for your firm or business,Mass watermark has an inbuilt watermark design tool which can be used to easily create your own personalized branding. After you have created the branding you can apply it to a set of images.
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