19 July 2017
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Introducing Watermarks that Autoscale with Varying Image Sizes

We are happy to announce version 1.6 of Mass Watermark that features Automatic Text and Automatic Logo Scaling.This Feature scales the watermark automatically with the image sizes,yielding images with watermarks that appear the same across all processed images.

 Adaptive Text Watermark



The Adaptive Text Watermark Feature will Automatically Adjust the font Size of the text watermark on all processed images to achieve uniform scaling of the text watermark across all images.


Adaptive Logo Watermark


The Adaptive Logo Watermark Feature Option scales the Logo Watermark across all images based on the reference image.So,if an image is smaller than the reference image, the logo will be scaled proportionally to achieve the same look as that of the logo in the reference image.

When processing Images in Bulk,these features will make sure that the text/logo watermark sizes stay unique across all images;irrespective of the processed image sizes.

Take a look at the Latest Version of Mass Watermark here

Download Mass Watermark







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