4 May 2014
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How to Find if someone is stealing your Images using Google Image Search


If you are a person actively posting images on the web,you might have come across your own images copied to a website or a Facebook page someone else own,without even giving attribution to your work.This is plainly a violation of copyright and you can go ahead with DMCA or similar measures to take those images down.

But how can you check if someone is using your photos on their website without your permission? 

Google Reverse Image Search is the perfect answer for this question.All you need to do is drop in your image and click the search button.All the websites using your photos identified by Google will be listed  and you may proceed with further actions.Its quite easy to search if your image is used without permission.Follow the simple steps below :


1.Go to Google Image Search

2.Click on the camera Button 

google image search watermark software


3. A Window will open,Just Drag and Drop the Photo you wish to Search for using the Reverse Image Search or Paste a URL and Hit the Search by Image Button

reverse image search


4. On the Next Page you can find a List of all website using your Photos


It is always better to prevent theft from happening rather than taking actions after it. It has been found that a Visible Watermark can deter 99% of theft.People will know your Images are Copyrighted by noticing your Name or Logo on the Picture.So its always recommended to Add a Visible Watermark to your Photos before Uploading them anywhere on the Web. 

Mass Watermark is a Photo Watermarking Software that is designed to watermark,resize,add exif and even direct export your photos to Picasa/Flickr in Bulk.Take a look at this Video to see how easy it is to use Mass Watermark


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