31 October 2013
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How to Brand your Photographs for Business

Branding your business is important because a brand allows a customer to clearly understand more about your firm and it actually serves as an emotional connection between a customer and you. So it is equally important to brand the photographs produced by your firm even if you're not in the photography business so that your customers can distinguish you from your competitors

So what is a brand?

A brand is something that distinguishes you from your competitors it can be logo or a slogan that clearly defines what your business does and what are your promises to the customers.

                                         branding logo for photos


If you are a small business owner who may be into any sort of business for example real estate,selling manufactured products etc today it is mandatory to add a branding text/logo to your photographs if you're posting them online.
Once you post a photo online and it can be viewed by a large number of people and it is open to theft.The Photo can be used without your permission on other websites for selling products or it may end up on Facebook. If you're in the photography business then there are many situations in which people may claim to possess the original photograph and may charge customers claiming to give them the full-size copy. 
It is also recommended to resize your photos before you upload them to websites or a business page because photographic theft tend to occur with larger resolution images.Also it helps to load the pages faster.
So how will you create your branding logo?
There are a large number of tools out there that can be used to create a graphic design but it requires very good technical skills and it will take lots of time. This is were mass watermark comes in.
Mass watermark has been designed keeping this in mind,it helps you to create your own personalized branding for your business and apply them to multiple images quickly and easily.
Mass Watermark has an inbuilt watermark designer that can be used to create professional logos with few clicks.After you have created the logo you can use mass watermark to apply this logo to multiple images. There is an option to resize multiple images simultaneously while watermarking.
The photos will be watermarked and resized with few clicks all you need to do is upload them to website or business page
Image attribution:Designcontest.com,Iconshock.com

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