13 March 2014
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Adding Transparent Logo to Multiple Photos Fast


If you are a Photographer,Business Owner or a Blogger you will have large number of photos to post online on a daily or weekly basis. You will need to add your Logo to these photographs to prevent theft and to increase your Online visibility.

Adding your Logo  to your Photos one by one will be tiresome. But you can achieve this easily and quickly by using Mass Watermark.

Follow these steps to Watermark your Photo Collection with a transparent Logo 


1.Add your Photos to watermark by clicking on the 'Add Images' Button 

adding logo watermark


2.Open your Logo to be applied as watermark,If you don't have one you may create one using the Watermark Designer .Adjust the Transparency of the Logo using the slider. 


watermarking logo photos


 4.Choose the desired Position of the Logo


5.Click on the Watermark Button. Done :) All your Photos will be watermarked with your Transparent Logo.

This is a sample Image watermarked with a Logo Watermark- Nature Photography'



photo watermarked with branding logo


Download and Try Mass Watermark for free here http://www.masswatermark.com/downloads



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