3 June 2016
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How to add EXIF Data/MetaData to Multiple Photos Fast!

EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format,it can contain Copyright Information as well as many technical details which includes shutter speed,aperture,Location,date etc.Modern Cameras will record this information directly into JPG and TIF Image formats.If RAW file format is chosen for storing the photographs,different manufacturers have different extensions for Photos.For example Canon has their CRW Format.This format is used for storing RAW Image Data and EXIF Data is embedded into this file.

When it comes to Copyrighting photographs that are put on the internet,EXIF Plays an Important role.Its always recommended to add EXIF Data to your Photos.Most modern Cameras has this option.But when it comes to post processing your photos for publishing on your Website,Facebook or Blog,this EXIF Information can get lost.Post processing may include adding a copyright watermark text or Logo to your photos,Re-sizing Large Resolution Images to smaller size to put on websites.All this processes can strip the EXIF Data from your images.

This is where Mass Watermark can help you.

Mass Watermark integrates Watermarking,Resizing,Optimization(Sharpness,Brightness,Contrast etc) and Adding EXIF Info into a single workflow,thus making your final output images ready for web publishing without further processing.

The software has an Integrated Tool for Adding EXIF to Images.You can add information like Author,Copyright,Comment,Date,Subject and Camera Model.This feature can help you Add EXIF to Multiple Images fast.



You just need to enter the required information and click on Apply.After watermarking the EXIF Data will be added to all processed Images.Here is a video Tutorial Demonstrating the same





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