27 November 2013
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How to Add Copyright Symbol to Photos

Today it has become a necessity to add a copyright symbol along with your name or your's firm's name to your photos since the cases of photo theft is on a higher side.As a professional photographer or a business owner you will have a large number of photos to process on a daily basis,so typing in your copyright text to each and every photo is not practical.This is where Mass Watermark can help you.With Mass Watermark you can add a text or a logo watermark including the copyright symbol to hundreds of photos with minimal effort and within minimal time.Take a look at the steps mentioned below to learn how to do this  


1.Add the photos to watermark by clicking on the 'Add Images' Button 
add watermark photo
After addition the photos will appear on the left panel 
watermarking photos
3.Type in the text watermark in the field provided
text photo watermark
if you'd like to add a copyright symbol you can see an option to do that.You can choose from the copyright symbol,registered symbol and the trademark symbol
copyright symbol watermark
Press on the '+' button in order to add the selected symbol to the text watermark and you can see that the watermark instantly appears on top of the preview photo.
Example watermark: © John Doe 2011-2012 with Left Side Center Placement  is shown below 
watermarked photo
You could also add a logo watermark similarly,this as simple as adding a text watermark .if you would like to learn about adding a logo watermark please see this link Adding Logo Watermark
 4. Now if would like, you can change the placement of the watermark you         may select from various inbuilt positions like  top left, top middle, top       right etc.You can also place the watermark manually.
watermark placement
Once you have chosen the position of the watermark you can select the output location to place the watermarked images and you can click the 'watermark images' button to watermark all photos with the text watermark.
Thus you can see that all photos are watermarked with the copyright symbol and the name you have entered. 

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