Photo Watermark Software

Available for Windows and Mac 

  • Add Text or Image Watermarks to a collection of Images with Few Clicks
  • Automated Batch Image Watermarking in a simple,fast and Unified Workflow
  • Batch Resize Images to meet Web standards
  • Retouch your Images before Watermarking with unique Image Optimizer
  •  Create your own Branding Watermark with Custom Text and Custom Logo
  • Supports Wide Range of image formats JPEG,PNG,BMP,TIFF and GIF


Speed up your workflow

Photographers, Bloggers and Web designers spend a lot of time creating custom photo watermarks in Photoshop and other tools-designing them layer by layer. Do not let watermarking slow down your workflow. Speed up your workflow and increase your productivity with Mass Watermark


                         Watermark 100s of Photos within Minutes with few Clicks
Intelligent Watermark Placement
Mass Watermark uses Automated Watermark Size Calculation Techniques to Scale the Watermarks and meet the placement you have selected when processing Different Images of varying sizes.
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Image Resizing
Set a Common size for all output images or set the size of images individually.This feature allows you to ensure that the watermarked images are resized to meet the web standards
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Inbuilt Watermark Designer
Design your own stylish watermark with Custom Text and Custom Logo and Apply to your Images with a Click.This feature is great for branding your photos with your unique Watermark
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Image Optimization
Improve the Quality of your Photos before they are watermarked by using various Image Optimization Effects Provided. The Effects can be applied to your images individually before watermarking.All processing is done in a simple and unified work flow
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MetaData adder
Mass Watermark can Optionally add EXIF Information like Copyright,Comments,Author etc to all Watermarked Images automatically. So that the Images Produced by Mass Watermark are ready for Distribution without the need for further Processing
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Allows you to Crop out the Desired Portion from an Image which is to be used as the Watermark. This tool can also be used to Resize,Rotate etc thus giving you the Functions of an Image Editor.

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Direct upload to Picasa
Mass Watermark features Direct Connectivity to Picasa so that you can directly Upload watermarked images to your Picasa WebAlbums after Watermarking. You can add photos to existing albums or create new Albums with Custom Properties.All these can be done in a unified workflow
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Direct Upload to Flickr
Upload your Images Directly to your Flickr Galleries directly after watermarking with few a clicks.You just need to authorize Mass Watermark once.This allows easy and seamless protection of your Flickr albums

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Create Zip file
Packs all Processed Images to a Single Zip File. The Images will be the Final Output which may be Resized/Optimized. This is Ideal for Upload to Websites via FTP and Unzipping at the Website Side.This process is done in a unified workflow that does not need any user intervention.
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Line Watermarking
If you are more concerned about the Safety of your Images,you can optionally use the Line Watermark. The Lines are available for centrally placed Watermarks and will be automatically placed depending on the size of your Text/Logo Watermark .
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Save Watermark Templates
Once you have Finalized your Watermark,you can Optionally Save it as a Watermark Template.So that you don’t need to Redo all Activities.Just with few a clicks, you can Load the Watermark Template and Do Batch Processing of your Images
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Special effects for Text watermarks
Create Stylish Text watermarks that meets your image color scheme with few clicks.There are Numerous Text Effects that can give your watermark the perfect styling that meets the color scheme of an image.You can use these effects with all True Type Fonts.
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